Statcounter Shows Steady Windows 10 Growth


Microsoft announced that it had seen 14 million Windows 10 upgrades within the first twenty-four hours of the new OS becoming available and hasn't said much more since. Estimates from various sources have more recent shipping numbers at 25, 27 and 67 million. Without word from Redmond we can't know how successful the new OS is proving.
Statcounter might help to make a guess at that number though.
After twenty four hours on sale Windows 10 hadn't been installed on enough PCs to move the graph, instead it was lumped in with the 'other' category. The lowest score by a separately ranked OS was 1.92%, for Windows Vista. So Windows 10 was below 1.9% of the active PC market at that point.
Fast forward to the most recently released figures and Windows 10 is sitting at 4.84% of the active market. A growth of a minimum of 260%. Taking that 14m day one figure from Microsoft we can guess that a minimum of 36.5m PCs are now running the latest OS.
That 4.84% of active market compares well with OS X, for which the number is 7.6%. So Microsoft's new OS is two-thirds of the way to blasting past all versions of OS X in just ten days of availability...
It's clear that Microsoft has managed to deliver an OS that has caught the public interest, and not just the traditional tech group either. My non-technical friends and colleagues are amongst those who complain most vociferously that they haven't received their upgrade yet, and are the most excited once the new OS has been installed.
Its a turnaround of public opinion even more pronounced that the post-Vista lovefest that was Windows 7. It will be interesting to see whether PC vendors are able to leverage that interest into a reversal of the recent PC sales decline.


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