Samsung Denies Europe Galaxy Note 5, Bets On Edge+

Samsung's launch of the Galaxy Note 5 and Edge+ went pretty much as predicted, with most of the leaks turning out to be pretty accurate. No Micro-SD card slot and no removable battery were the major casualties of the move to Samsung's new premium strategy.
I'm not sure how the Note's power userbase will take to those changes. Nor the clip-on keyboard accessory which seems completely redundant in these days of continuous flow typing and - on the Note at least - pen driven handwriting recognition.
For Europeans they won't have to worry about adjusting to these changes though, as Samsung has said that the whole continent will be denied the Note 5 for marketing reasons.
Presumably that's a sign that the Note 4 did poorly there. Probably because it was priced head to head with the iPhone 6+ and buyers were prepared to forego the S-pen and its capabilities in favour of Apple's promise of updates and quality (which is a completely different thing to premium by the way).
The need for Samsung to reverse its ongoing poor financial performance and the indication that buyers preferred the S6 Edge to the flat S6 has probably been a driver behind this decision. If the expectation was that the Note wasn't going to make the headway in the market Samsung needed of it, then culling the product probably isn't a bad idea.
The pricing of the edge+ is going to be critical then. If, as seems likely, it is more expensive than the equivalent iPhone 6+ it is going to struggle in the same way its smaller siblings have done. Priced competitively it may prevent erosion of Samsung's market share and bottom line.
Can it reverse Samsung's downward trend? I'd be surprised, and even if it does it would only be a temporary salvation. Much as Samsung has built a loyal following, the market still doesn't have huge demand for premium Android phones - especially when they're priced head to head with Apple's iPhones.


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