Pen Input In Windows 10

One of the things that has most impressed me about Windows 10 is how big a step forward the handwriting input panel has made. Accuracy was always pretty good - and remains so. If anything it is more accurate than before.
What has surprised me is just how fast recognition is now. Your handwriting is recognised on the fly as you write it. The speed is barely believable.
The recognition of text in real time is a real achievement. To achieve it whilst maintaining such a high level of accuracy is emphatically so. That this is all possible on the low-end horsepower of the Asus Vivotab Note, which packs a last-generation Atom processor is barely credible.
The Asus' Wacom stylus really comes into its own under the new Windows 10 regime. Really, when handwriting recognition is this good, who needs a keyboard?


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