Packing Light

Change is a strange thing. When it creeps up on you in small amounts you don't really notice it. Like your children growing up, or the bath water getting cold. It's only when you look at old photos or realise you're frozen to the tub that you see the extent of the change.

Packing for some time away on business last week I had one of those eureka moments. My technology travel pack was unbelievably small, yet covered all of my requirements for getting the job done.

Half the number power cables, a tiny power adapter
and no separate tablet, compared to the older
Apple-based solution.
With the Microsoft Surface 3, Lumia 930, Huawei wireless hotspot, a Samsung 2A phone charger and a micro-USB cable I had everything I needed to not only work but to keep it all juiced up too.

The size comparison to my previous travel setup (MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, wireless hotspot, lightning cable and MBA/iPad chargers) is startling. And I was impressed with the difference between the Apple setup and my prior setups.

I think this is about as small as you'll get a fully functional mobile worker package. You may see some incremental changes in the size of the devices themselves, but there are no more step changes to be made.

Makes a great case for hybrid PCs too.


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