MIcrosoft Opening The Goody Bag In October

Techradar is reporting that October should be a good month for fans of Microsoft devices as company is expected release a whole bucketload of new technology to back up both the successful release of Windows 10 and the expected release of Windows 10 Mobile.

If the reports are to be believed then October will see the launch of a more powerful Surface Pro 4, packing Intel's newest Core M package. Given how well the Surface Pro 3 has done in the market this is probably the most important part of the announcement, as Microsoft will want to see growth of the Surface line maintained by a successful update to its flagship device.
Talking of Surfaces bring us to two rumours that refuse to die. Firstly that Microsoft will introduce a smaller ca. 8" Surface to the hybrid line. And secondly that there will be a professional targeted Surface Phone. I'm not sure how credible either of these rumours are. Surface and Lumia offer two distinct and growing brands in different areas. It wouldn't necessarily serve Microsoft to cross over from one to the other unless it were planning on killing one brand completely.
What is almost certainly on the table is the launch of Windows 10 Mobile, with new handsets being revealed along with a launch date for the new OS. The two rumoured flagship devices - 950 and 950XL if the rumours are to be believed - do appear to offer compelling reasons for choosing a Windows 10 Mobile. Particularly in Europe, where the Note 5 won't be sold and the 950XL will offer a feature set that appears to target the Note specific demographic.
Finally the rumours suggest the arrival of Band 2. This seems to be a logical thing to do, the Band received a warm reception without knocking anyone off their feet. The Band 2 can build on that start and morph into something a little more competitive.
For a Microsoft event it promises to be a headline grabber, with a range of launches that covers all areas of the current computing space.
Roll on October.


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