Lenovo And HTC Slashing Workforces

The smartphone market isn't really the most stable place to be employed. After the wholesale decimation of Nokia and Blackberry workforces of the last couple of years, we have two more once great names in mobile shovelling employees out of the door in a bid to right business models that are heading south.
In Lenovo's case achieving efficiencies between its own and Motorola smartphone teams was always on the agenda when it bought the latter from Google. Today's poor financial report is accompanied by the news that 3,500 employees will lose their jobs.
Over at HTC years of decline and poor decisions have left the company in a parlous state, and it too is shedding jobs, around 2,000 - or 15% of its workforce.
Whilst you get the feeling that Lenovo is taking Motorola in the right direction and can probably correct the slide, it's never going to be a big challenger in the Android market. Even with phones as attractive as the new Moto G. For HTC that ship has long since sailed.


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