I'm Not Working Around The Windows Phone App Gap Any More

It may not be the most popular opinion, but I like Windows Phone. It has the cleverest UI and the best user experience of current platforms. There's a great Windows Phone available at every price point and the things which make a smartphone more usable are all done well on the platform - battery life, screens, call quality and durability.
The problem remains, as ever, the app gap. Those apps that don't appear on the platform because of an unwillingness by the provider to support anything Microsoft or a perception that the platform has no users.
Well I'm not prepared to keep working around the problem any more. No, I'm not ditching my Lumia 930, which is a truly outstanding phone. Instead I'm kicking those services that don't support Windows Phone into touch.
So, goodbye Belkin Wemo. I will switch to the more inclusive Insteon platform and as well as gaining a native Windows Phone client I'll also be able to control my smart devices using my voice and Cortana.
So long Google+, you were an unpopular platform anyway... no you're another user down. I'll also be letting my paid Google subscriptions lapse. Ello? Goodbye. Actually, as Ello has only just moved into the mobile app space and its web app is good I'll stay on the service for now. Pinterest? Not interested. I'll start using Fancy instead.
Windows Phones are becoming more popular - as the recent breach of 10%n of the European market demonstrates. If services won't support our choice of smartphone it's high time we decided to stop supporting their services.


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