HTC Results Demonstrate Where The Android Market Is Headed

More evidence that the Android market doesn't support premium handsets at volume comes in the form of HTC's latest set of results. Both its top and bottom lines are down and its bet on premium as a USP seems to have failed.
HTC has recognised this in the way that it has been refining its strategy and management teams, with more of a focus on accessories and gadgets. Given that its financial report detailed failure in both the high value smartphone sector and the Chinese market, it's probably fair to say that we won't see too many more handsets bearing the HTC name.
For Android in general it clearly points the way forward. High volume and low margins are the future, if you can't achieve either there's probably no future for you as a mainstream smartphone OEM.
HTC, for all its past goodwill, is likely to be the first to first find that its future lies as a manufacturer of gadgets and boutique phones.