Google Learns The Alphabet

The company that we all know as Google is now Alphabet, as it revises its structure to accommodate the depth and variety of products that it stewards. Alphabet will be a holding company which owns all of the component pieces of the organisation under its umbrella – including the search company Google, that continues to exist.

It's not clear which subsidiaries will break out from under Google's wing to become direct Alphabet subsidiaries in the new structure. For example YouTube – which seems like a likely candidate – will remain under Google's ownership in the structure, so clearly things aren't as clear cut as they might initially seem.

What this means for customers I'm not entirely sure. If Google feels that the Google brand adversely affects the development of business lines like Life Sciences and Ventures then what does that say about the long term goal for the core branding? Alternatively it makes it easier for Google to separate off each of its business lines should the opportunity or need arise.

It's a significant change of business tack and makes me wonder what the real driver is for such a change. After all its hard to imagine Apple separating its businesses up into Apple, iPhone, Watch, etc. and then incorporating them under a holding company called Dictionary, for example.


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