Get OneNote Metro On Windows 10

If, like me, you've found the new Windows 10 implementation of OneNote to be a complete disaster then Sean Ong has got your back. The video above explains how you can replace the abomination that shipped with Windows 10 with the infinitely superior and more capable Windows 8Metro version of the app.

I haven't yet installed it on my Surface 3, however I can confirm that it works as promised on my Asus Vivotab Note. The only downside is that you can no longer use the Edge browser's 'write on a web page' functionality, which doesn't strike me as a big price to pay. I can't tell you whether the removal of the Windows 10 version of the app releases the pen top button command for the OneNote desktop app to take command.

The pessimistic side of me suspects not. Which is a shame as that would allow me to restore Windows 10 onto my Surface 3. Having installed and then downgraded twice now I'm waiting until this issue has been completely resolved before trying again.

Good work by everyone involved in sourcing and implementing this hack though.It may not be the complete fix, but it's more than Microsoft is offering right now.


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