Galaxy Note 5: Broken Stylus Silos Are Your Own Stupid Fault

I really can't believe that Samsung is receiving any kind of negative publicity over the issue of the Galaxy Note 5's S-Pen silo. If you haven't heard, some users are finding out that if you shove the stylus into its slot upside down you break the sensor that detects its presence, robbing the Note of some seriously useful functionality.
There is no logical reason why you would put the S-pen into its slot the wrong way around, even if Samsung didn't quite clearly tell you that if you did so you would damage the device. Which it does, even though common sense should tell you this.
For pity's sake people, this is an expensive piece of finely crafted technology, if you aren't going to treat it with respect then you deserve everything you get.
So, if you have a Note 5 and feel that you are unable to ascertain whether you have the S-pen the right way up before putting it back in the phone I suggest you return it to the retailer forthwith.
And if anyone asks you why just tell them you're too stupid to own one. I'm sure they'll understand.


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