Five Per Cent Of World's PCs Now On Windows 10

Statcounter's figures are derived from activity, so whilst they may not be absolutely accurate they do reflect a repeatable measure for market trends. So when the company says that 5% of the PC market are now running on Windows 10 its worth noting.
Given that almost no enterprises will have upgraded - that's a Windows stronghold by the way - and Microsoft hasn't yet made the upgrade available to everyone, it's a pretty impressive number, just two weeks since the launch of the new OS.
There's some good news for PC vendors in the report too, which suggests that 3% of XP users found their way onto new PCs over the last week. As XP still holds nearly 10% of the overall market share, that points to a boost in PC sales for some vendors this quarter.
Overall though it's looking like Windows 10 is the new Windows 7, and, apocryphally, I'm hearing that users who have taken the plunge are pleased with the new experience.


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