Does Mozilla Have A Case In Windows 10 Browser Complaint?

Users upgrading to Windows 10 are finding that post upgrade their default applications for certain processes have been changed to Windows built-in apps. Notably the Edge web browser.
Now there is a case to answer that Edge isn't quite mature enough to force upon the whole Windows 10 world - there are some missing bits of functionality that require using the supplied version of Internet Explorer.
Mozilla, through its CEO Chris Beard, has been vociferous about the decision to set Edge as the default browser in Windows because it ignores a user's expressed choice. The move is being compared to the previous anticompetitive behaviour that earned Microsoft serious sanction, back in the day.
Well, yes, no and maybe.
The world is a different place right now. Microsoft isn't battling Mozilla for the best browser, it's battling Apple and Google for a the overall desktop user experience.
In terms of sales iOS is neck and neck with the PC. Yet Apple allows no discussion about changing the default browser on iPads or iPhones. Likewise I imagine you'd get some very funny looks if you tried to have a discussion with Google about changing the browser on your Chromebook - given that the whole OS is the browser. At least with Windows you have the option to revert Microsoft's decision once you've tried Edge and judged it.
It seems that too many third-parties are happy to accept the nasty-end of the stick when it comes to Apple (in particular) yet rush to lambast Microsoft for things that are far less restrictive.
Rather than berating Microsoft for switching my browser on upgrade, an action which was expected and is easily reversed, how about having a discussion about why I can't set Firefox (or Chrome) as the default browser on my iPhone or iPad? Because that's far more frustrating for me and many other users.


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