Car Manufacturers Here Purchase Could Be A Tool Against Apple And Google

The $3bn purchase of Here's mapping tool from Nokia by the German motor industry has some interesting implications for Apple and Google's plans to take over the car dashboard.
I strongly suspect that the car manufacturers have woken up to the danger of handing over in-car functionality to phone makers. Its a short hop from there to handing over the whole industry. By purchasing the technology behind Here the car manufacturers have given themselves a solid bedrock to compete against the interlopers. Most interesting was the call for other car makers to join the consortium of Audi, BMW and Mercedes, who led the purchase. That shows an understanding that Apple and Google need only drive a small wedge into the car industry to split it wide open.
Using Here to deliver a solid navigation experience, tied to good call and media handling might be all the car makers need to do to stall this assault. Because if you're a car maker the last thing you want to be doing is paying Apple and Google for dashboard software.
Especially when you're probably going to be competing with them for vehicle sales in the near future...


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