Apps That Pass In The Night

How many apps do you have installed on your phone? How many apps have you deleted off your phone? How many apps are sitting there on your home screen gathering dust, perpetually unused?
The lure of a new, shiny app that does some thing that we'd never considered doing before is great. We see the write up, or the advert or somebody mentions how they've done something amazing with an app and we hunt it down in the Store, download it, try it a couple of times and then ignore it as we search out the next one.
The truth is that we haven't done things before, or searched out apps to do them because generally, you know, we don't actually have an inclination to do them.
Apps pile up on our phones and we end up with screens of the stuff that never gets used - we build up a sort of app blindness where we don't see the app's icon anymore and can't remember what it does.
The app stores keep on growing but unless new apps offer better way of doing something that we already do, or offer a new and truly compelling feature, they are destined to be lost amongst the background noise of every other app release.
Large numbers of downloads does not necessarily equal large numbers of users...