Apple Can't Do Cloud - Part 257

Apple Music may be relatively popular amongst Apple device owners, but its reliance on the company's cloud services is doing it a lot of damage too. At ReadWrite Matt Asay writes of the complete mess that Apple has made of his carefully curated music collection.
Tim Cook is sitting on an enormous pile of cash and having splashed an indecent amount to acquire Beats and the Beats Music service he is damaging the investment by continuing to leverage Apple's cloud for the service. He is doing the technical equivalent of balancing an elephant on a traffic cone.
I haven't tried Apple Music yet, the promise of three months free service isn't enough to tempt me to use anything Apple in the cloud, having been burned before.
Especially when Microsoft's music service (Xbox Music on my Lumia 930, Groove everywhere else) works so well in the areas where Apple falls down. My music follows me across phone, tablet, web browser and Xbox One. That's true whether I'm using Android, iOS or Windows.
Apple has a relatively simple answer to its cloud problems and its sitting at the end of a big cheque. I wonder just how long before the Apple faithful stop giving the company a free pass for these issues and turn on them.


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