Android Tool For Windows 10 Mobile Leaks

Project Astoria, Microsoft's tool for running Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile, has leaked into the wild and several users are reporting success installing Android APKs to their devices.
The ability to run Android apps on Windows 10 Mobiles is more than a little controversial, especially with native developers, who see the decision as something as a betrayal, and aren't mollified by the universal nature of natively developed apps.
The biggest potential win for Microsoft is if Project Astoria reports back Windows Mobile usage to Android developers and the numbers look good enough to warrant a native app.
It will be interesting to see what feedback early users deliver. If porting Android apps is as straightforward as Microsoft promises then the app gap, biggest bugbear for Windows Phone users, may just start to close. And if that app gap goes away one of the biggest roadblocks to Windows 10 Mobile adoption goes away too.
This will certainly be what Microsoft is hoping for, as a strategic plan to boost Windows adoption on phones there are worse things it could try...


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