Android OEMs Don't Get The Premium Market

Results are pouring in from smart phone OEMs and they don't make for good reading.
Sony made a substantial loss whilst Samsung saw another quarter of falling sales, profits and revenue. LG, last year's poster child for Android growth managed to eke out a tiny profit. The less said about HTC the better.
What all these companies have in common is a compulsion to try and compete with Apple, in the hope of seeing similarly large sales volumes and obscene profit margins.
Ain't ever going to happen.
Apple occupies a unique position amongst phone brands, it offers an end to end tailored experience that builds on the loyalty and evangelism of its existing customers. Only Samsung occupied a similar position in the Android world, and in seeking to be more like Apple they pushed their customers to the company they hoped to emulate.
If I'm going to overpay for a premium phone without a removable battery or memory expansion you can be sure I'll be overpaying for an Apple iPhone.
The GS6 may have a better camera and screen than the iPhone 6, but in being too close to the iPhone 6 it lost. Delicious irony for those who think Samsung leveraged close mimicry of earlier iPhones to gain its market leadership.
I've said it before there is only a very limited demand for a premium Android smartphone and the customers who demand one want power, features an upgradeability.
High end Android phones are all well and good, but it isn't where the demand is. A mid-priced phone with flagship features however, sounds like a winner to me.
Just don't price it like an iPhone, otherwise people will just buy... an iPhone.


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