Windows 10 Is A Great Desktop OS

I'm pretty sure I was in a tiny majority of people who really took to Windows 8/8.1. I'm sure that was in no small part to using it primarily on touch devices. Windows 8 was all about touch and tablets, it subjugated much of the past to the new dynamic and way of interfacing with a device. It felt natural and made perfect sense.
Without a touchscreen that wasn't necessarily the case.
The use of magic corners and mouse gestures was never really something that most people were going to adapt to, or have any desire to undertake the learning that could make such a system work well on the desktop.
Personally I never had any problem with using Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard, all it required was the ability to let go of the past and go with the flow. Most people didn't. In fact if they were going to let go of the past they were going to do it properly and go and get a Mac.
The problem for Microsoft was that they were spooked by the iPad. They weren't alone, the many analysts and websites who vented on Windows 8 were the same ones who predicted the death of the PC and the rise of the tablet generation. Microsoft knew that Windows 7 didn't support touch well - it had known ever since the Origami project stalled. That directly led to an over-correction that made Windows 8 unbelievably touch friendly, at the expense of entrenched legacy users and their machines.
So with Windows 10 Microsoft needed to correct its course and support the primary computer interface used by PC users around the world (mouse and keyboard) whilst also providing a first class touch experience for touchscreen users.
The new desktop/start menu combination, aided by Continuum, achieves this incredibly well. On a standard PC Windows 10 feels like a brilliant evolution of Windows 7, slick to look at and full of clever touches and tools. On a tablet device Windows 10 feels as good as Windows 8, notwithstanding some gesture changes; and for hybrid users the ability to jump from one to the other is very well supported.
Microsoft managed to get Windows 10 out to 14 million PCs on launch day, a pretty impressive achievement for a full desktop OS. Over the coming days and weeks more and more users will get the opportunity to upgrade and it's one they should be grasping with both hands.
Microsoft has definitely got its desktop mojo back and as a result your PC is going to be more powerful and personal than ever before.


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