Ten Million Can Be Both A Small And Big Number

According to sources in the music industry, music website Hits Daily Double has calculated Apple Music's take-up in its first month at ten million subscribers.

That number probably gives it second place behind Spotify in the music streaming business, which is pretty good.

It's also pretty dismal.

Apple has over a billion iOS devices out there, with at least half of them in countries where the Apple Music free trial is available. That's a conversion rate of just 2% if we take the kindest cut of numbers. On a free service that Apple has launched heavily. To a loyal market and with no real entrenched competition.

It's less popular than a free U2 album.

So what has gone right and what's gone wrong? Plenty of bad publicity for a start, and that from loyal Apple hacks who usually turn a blind eye to the company's missteps.

Apparently you mess with a man's music library at your own peril.

Apple's demographic probably doesn't help. People who buy iPhones tend to be... less adventurous then others, more likely to take the beaten paths than forge their own. Exactly the sort of group who would be slow to take up streaming subscriptions and stick to buying music in traditional ways.

All that said, ten million is a reasonable start, if Apple can keep gaining users at that rate - and convert a good proportion of them to paying users - then it will be well on its way to owning another market segment.


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