Sony In The Smartphone Business For The Long Haul

Good news for Xperia fans, Sony has made a long-term commitment to its smartphone business which means the brand and its high quality, if niche, devices are going nowhere.
Sony Mobile's president Hiroki Totoki told the Arabian Times that the road forward would be about cutting costs and headcount, suggesting that the company is either going to go for volume by delivering lots of cheap, low risk devices or play for profits by delivering fewer high end devices instead.
Hopefully the company will go for the latter. The low-end market is awash with OEMs building off cheap reference designs and as a result profits are dangerously low. Sony has one of the few brand names capable of pulling off a high end only strategy for Android. Fewer phones at higher margins certainly works for Apple.
Now that there is a clear message that Sony is staying in the smartphone game it's time to get behind it with a big marketing push. The rumours of the death of the Xperia must have hurt consumer confidence in the brand, making a strong statement about the longevity of the line will be key to whatever strategy Totoki is planning on implementing.