Six New Lumias And Windows 10 Mobile In September

Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference is happening in Orland right now and as a result we're beginning to see more information leak about Microsoft's mobile strategy and future plans for the Lumia line.
First of all we have a rumoured date of September 24th for the launch of Windows 10 Mobile, the replacement for Windows Phone 8.1. This was reported on Mobileburn's website so may be taken with a pinch of salt.
That date would fit with comments made by Terry Myerson, VP of the Devices Group, confirming new premium handsets for 'later this year'. With the IFA event in Germany set for the beginning of September that would be a good place to launch new handsets and pin a date on the release of the newest version of the mobile platform.
Any later than September and Microsoft would miss the key holiday season sales it desperately needs.
With the estimated launch set to include six handsets (two premium, two business and two consumer to match the announcement of a phone rationalisation made last week) there'll be a lot for Microsoft to talk about this autumn.


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