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Microsoft Selling More Lumias, But Only Cheap Ones

Microsoft's Q4 financial figures are somewhat confused by the massive write-down it has booked for the acquisition of Nokia. However for Windows Phone fans there are some positive signs.
Year on year sales grew by an impressive 45%, however that was almost entirely achieved at the budget end of the market, with the average selling price per phone reaching just $89. That's an awful lot of cheap phones and probably not much else. From a volume perspective that's okay, however given Satya Nadella's recent positioning statement on the mobile platform it suggests that most of those sales are going under the bus in the very near future.
Surface fans should be pleased. Surface revenue is up, suggesting that Microsoft has another billion dollar income stream on its hands. No idea of the ARPU at the moment, but with an revenue of $888m its likely that Microsoft shipped somewhere between one and one and a half million Surface's in quarter.