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Copyrights Rights In Performances Statute Struck Down

The Copyright Rights In Performances (Personal Copies for Private Use) Regulations 2014, to give its full title, was a landmark ruling which removed the grey area around UK users ripping songs from CDs and made it legal so long as you weren't then sharing those ripped files. A sensible decision based on logic and a fair regard for both parties.
Not so apparently. BASCA, the musician's union, and UK Music, representing the rights holders, disagreed and challenged the ruling in the High Court. As a result it was struck down at the end of last week. The decision appears to have been made as a result of the way the law was passed rather than the validity of the argument that rights holders are due additional payments when you digitise your legally purchased music.
This challenge by the rights holders is disingenuous, punishing those who support musicians by purchasing their music. Worse, its a blow against those who have always done the right thing and built huge collections of music on CD, as they are now legally prevented from digitising their music to listen to on modern devices.
Fortunately its a ruling that will be universally ignored, and is likely only to reduce future music sales on CD as customers realise the contempt they are held in.
I find it very hard to reconcile the open, friendly and engaging attitudes of grass-roots musicians I know with the grasping, self-serving and customer baiting faces of the organisations that represent them.