Complaining About Solitaire Pricing Is Insane

Microsoft re-introduced the classic Windows Solitaire game as part of the Windows 10 update. Or rather they introduced a new version, offering many features, upgrades and game types to the new OS.
They also introduced advertising.
Now at this stage nobody has paid a bean for Windows 10, it's a free update and will remain so for the next year. New PCs will come with a Windows license for which the OEM will pay a fee, but as none have got to retail as yet we can discount that scenario.
Given that Microsoft has switched away from Windows 10 as its main cash cow and is now looking to push subscriptions to its various services and applications in order to make some money (as businesses are really supposed to do) it shouldn't be a surprise that there is an ad-free version of Solitaire which can be unlocked for a fee of $10 a year.
That is making some people cross. They read the Daily Mail. They've been used to getting Solitaire free.

If you want the features that Microsoft offer in its Solitaire game then it's going to cost you $10 a year. If you don't believe that the game offers you $10 a year in value then there are an absolute boatload of other Solitaire games available which are free or one-time purchase.
Its not a difficult proposition, deal with it.


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