China Opens Way To Games Consoles

Having previously barred the sales of games consoles for over a decade, the Chinese government is opening their sale up across the whole country. This follows a small scale trial which played out in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone last year.
For next gen gamers the console war has all been about Sony and Microsoft, with the PS4 and Xbox One going toe to toe with the Sony console generally ahead at this point. The opening of the Chinese market could see both platforms blossom, and for Microsoft its going to be hugely important to avoid the drubbing it has received in Japan, where its Xbox One sales are, to all intents and purposes, zero.
Sony will be expected to do well in China, but I suspect the greatest beneficiary will be Nintendo, a product which has struggled elsewhere might just be a winner on the Chinese market and Nintendo is desperate for that result.
For all three this is a golden opportunity to make it big in a market with huge potential, without the hovering shadow of Apple and with little serious competition from local OEMs turning out cheaper devices. That's an advantage that may not last for long and all three will need to grasp it firmly with both hands.


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