Wired Builds A Ghost Gun

The AR-15 made by Andy Greenberg for Wired

So we've had 3D printed guns - which turned out to be not so reliable - and in some instances more dangerous to the person holding the 'gun' than the person on the end of it. Now we have a DIY gun solution that seems to deliver a far simpler and relatively foolproof method of creating a completely unregistered and uncontrolled rifle. 

Andy Greenberg writes about this new, CNC based method, as well as older hand and 3D printed methods of creating a weapon in Wired.

The process is a bit clunky, mostly down to the authors lack of skills with the tools, however the end result is a working, reasonably reliable rifle.

That's a pretty scary thought. Anyone can gain access to one of these rifles without going through any kind of controls and its entirely legal.

Even more worrying is that the manufacturer of the dedicated CNC mill which created this rifle claims to have sold more than a thousand of them already. Each one a self-contained weapons factory capable of turning out rifles on demand. Unregistered and uncontrolled.

With extremist factions not exactly unknown in the USA, with the rise of terrorist elements and with the day to day troubles that widespread gun ownership already brings I can't help but see this as a very, very bad thing that doesn't promise to end well.


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