Windows Phone Needs A Better Flagship

If you want a premium phone running Android I'm sure you know where to go. The Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and Xperia Z3 all offer high end features and build. An aspirational choice for Android users looking to upgrade from their first Android phone.

For Windows Phone that isn't necessarily the case.

Which phone is the flagship? The 1020 with its amazing camera but outdated internals and small screen? The 930 with its lack of standout features and appalling battery life?

There's no question that Microsoft has a new top of the range handset coming when Windows 10 Mobile arrives. Will it be a true flagship though? Windows Phone needs one, because Microsoft have been successfully converting entry level users to its platform and then failing to offer them a better handset to aspire to.

As it stands the Lumia Icon/930 fills that role, with its great screen, solid build quality and decent (but not outstanding) camera. Yet it has too many flaws to offer up as a competitor to those Android phones I mentioned, never mind the iPhone 6. How can a phone be this heavy yet have such a poor battery? Who signed off on a camera shutter button with all the feel of a soggy marshmallow? Why choose to make a device with a non-removable back (and hence no card slot or replaceable battery) and then install a back that is trivial to remove? Not to mention several software issues that seem to be completely 930 specific.

These sorts of design mistakes can't be repeated with the new flagship, otherwise Microsoft won't retain those customers that its entry-level devices have won come upgrade time.


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