Why The Android Blackberry Makes No Sense

So in an admission of defeat that comes about three and a half years too late, Blackberry is rumoured to be on the point of launching an Android smartphone.

It's the right thing for Blackberry to do, or at least it was in 2011. Now, I think that ship has sailed.

Remember when the Blackberry was so addictive it was nicknamed the Crackberry? Well all those engaged users are now happily engaged with Apple and to a lesser extent Android. Those businesses that aligned their Exchange platform with Blackberry's enterprise solution have found that the iPhone or Windows Phone makes for a better solution.

Android? There's a degree of risk that comes with the wild west of smartphone platforms. Look at the efforts that Google and Samsung have gone to in trying to making it an acceptable enterprise risk.

So a high end Android-Blackberry frankenphone may look appealing at first. But for consumers there are too many reasons not to choose it. For enterprises too few to do so.

For Blackberry a wiser move would be to abandon phone hardware and concentrate on its software offerings. Between QNX and BBM it has the basis for a good software catalogue.


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