F1: A Quick Easy Fix, Tyre War

1983 and three tyre companies battle for F1 supremacy. US West Grand Prix winner John Watson's Michelin-shod car is so far back at the start you can barely see it.
F1 has become somewhat tedious, to the point where fans are abandoning the sport in ever greater numbers. Since the Belgian Grand Prix in 2013 there have only been four race winners and there had been uncertainty about the outcome of just two of those races in all that time.

The sport needs fixing. The sports governing bodies, teams and even drivers are all asking how this can be done.

The answer is easy: tyre competition.

F1's decline has come about ever since a single control tyre was mandated. Bringing back competition between tyre manufacturers changes the whole dynamic of the sport and introduces some uncertainty into races.

Ideally there should be at least three companies competing, with absolute freedom to innovate and develop between races. We would lose the ridiculous two compound rules and allow teams to use whichever tyre suits their car best, with the only restriction being the number of tyres used over the course of the weekend.

It's a quick and simple fix to the problems of boring F1 seasons, requires limited extra expenditure and promises race weekends packed with excitement.

Why would you not do it?


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