Apple News A Potential Flipboard Killer

Flipboard is one of those apps that is synonymous with the iPad. It launched on the tablet platform and despite branching out onto the web, iPhones, Windows and Android, is still far and away at its best on the Apple tablet.

Now however it looks like Apple has decided to kill Flipboard off, including a new News application in iOS 9 which seems to take the best from Flipboard and make it native.

Why does the appearance of Apple apps raise a warning flag for third party developers? It's the way that Apple is able to tie them into the iOS platform to make for an improved user experience. I have no doubts that News will tie into the new, proactive Siri in the same way that Apple Music does. That may not in itself be a killer feature, but it is interesting enough to suggest that large numbers of Flipboard users will see it as a reason to switch to Apple's own offering.


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