Apple Music For Android: Why?

One of the snippets of information that came out of WWDC's keynote was that Apple Music will not be an Apple only app, and will be available on Android as well. It will also find its way onto the desktop, but as that will be through iTunes, it isn't a huge shock.

An Android specific app though, that's an interesting decision.

There doesn't seem to be a logical reason for this unless Apple has decided that Satya Nadella's all embracing strategy at Microsoft might work for them too. Presumably Apple doesn't believe that large numbers of its users also use Android regularly and if it did releasing its Music app is hardly going to discourage that.

So does Apple see Android users as potential Apple Music customers? Maybe, and if it does then chasing their subscriptions makes sense. After all Microsoft has a serviceable Xbox Music client for both iPhone and Android.

Yet by bringing Apple Music to Google's platform Apple appears to be legitimising it as a competitor. Will other Apple services follow?

I suspect that Apple hopes to gain two things by releasing Apple Music for Android. One, a crack at a larger income stream and, two, the opportunity to offer Android users a taste of the iPhone experience in the hope of prompting them to switch.

The best Apple Music experience will inevitably be found on iOS, in particular the deep integration with Siri. But it looks like Apple has bigger ambitions than just streaming music to its own customers.


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