Would You Snap Up Windows 10 For Your Android Phone?

Windows 10 for Phones promises to add a whole bunch of new capability to your phone when it arrives later this year. Tied to new hardware it promises to do much more than that, potentially becoming your go to device in many more ways. Continuum, if it works as well as the demos suggest, and Universal apps designed to support both desktop and phone interfaces become more common; really does extend the reach of your phone.

Getting new hardware might prove to be a stumbling block for current Windows Phone users however, especially given the preponderance of low end handsets on the platform.

For current Android users however, this may prove to be an altogether more exciting upgrade - for their current phone.

We knowMicrosoft has been working with Xiaomi to deliver a Windows Phone firmware for the company's Android phones. How about if it was able to extend out to more manufacturers? There are an awful lot of previously flagship Android devices, as well as current mid range phones, which could see a performance boost by installing Windows Phone. And as a side bonus many of these phones already support MHL, USB-OTG and Miracast, all of the functions which help a Windows Phone work as a desktop.

Those apps which might previously have prevented a user switching may not be an issue by then, if Microsoft's conversion tools are as good as they promise - and get widespread acceptance - much of the Android (and iOS for that matter) app ecosystem would be available to those who choose to switch.

Whilst converting existing Android devices wouldn't necessarily make Microsoft any money, it would give the company a great opportunity to switch those users away from Google's services and onto their own. 


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