Uber's Practices Uncovered

In an article in Philadelphia's City Paper Emily Guendelsberger lifts the lid on Uber's service in the city, demonstrating the power it holds over drivers, the actual earnings of drivers and discussing the company's plans for the future.

It's a fascinating read which clearly demonstrates the different earning profiles of the company and its contractors. The lack of screening in the sign up process being a big concern.

It is the vision of the future which most interests me though. The future where car ownership has become a thing of the past and services like Uber's control the market for personal transportation.

Does the end of car ownership and reduction in transportation costs justify the loss of independence, the effects on jobs and potential damage to the economy that could follow?

Uber and services like it have their place, but only as a part of an integrated transport solution that is inclusive for all members of society. However the failure of most cities and governments to deliver a functional, safe and friendly transport system today doesn't bode well for a future where corporate interest might trump passenger needs.
In a very similar way to the one that sees Uber's bottom line being more important than its drivers, passengers and local legislation. 


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