This Case Tells You All That Is Wrong With The iPhone

This is the LifeProof Fre Power case for the iPhone 6, a two in one case which offers protection and additional run-time thanks to a built-in battery.

Take a moment to look at it, drink in its hideous looks.

This is everything Apple got wrong with the iPhone 6 in one easy accessory. Too thin to house a big enough battery and too 'premium' to survive the rigours of real-world life without a case.

I've said before that all of those reviews that praised the build of the iPhone were wrong and sales of cases prove that Apple's own customers agree. I've attempted to use mine without a case and it's just not possible without taking on an unacceptable amount of risk to the device itself.

The battery in the iPhone is a big improvement on those that have gone before, I know of no owners who are failing to get through a day of normal use. However other phones are starting to make two day butteries the norm. Which means that on those days when you're working your phone hard you can still make it through the day. That isn't the case with the iPhone. For the sake of a millimetre of extra thinness Apple compromised its flagship device.

Fortunately there are other cases which won't scar you for life once seen. And there are better, if less well integrated, battery packs that will keep you going when the iPhone's charge is depleted.

Paying a premium for a device because of its materials and lack of girth and then wrapping it in a case makes no sense to me. Even if I, like everyone else just keep doing it.


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