The Apple Watch Shines A New Light On Android Wear

Android Wear didn't get the greatest of receptions when it arrived. There were reservations about battery life, unlit screens and whether anyone actually needed a smartwatch at all.

Like many people I expected Apple to introduce a game changer of a device when the Watch was announced. After all it's track record is excellent in this respect. However the more users start talking about their early experiences with the Watch the less compelling it looks. Battery life, unlit screens and the need for a smartwatch have all be queried. The impact on the host phones battery life is a new, Apple Watch specific concern.

It certainly paints those earlier Android smartwatches in a new light. They may not have been perfect, but the difference between the Android / Wear experience and that of the iPhone / Watch isn't significantly different.

The truth is there hasn't been a killer reason for having any smartwatch yet.

If even the most rapacious of technology early adopters are struggling to find a place for a smartwatch on their wrists wide scale adoption might take much longer than the businesses pushing the technology might hope for.


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