Rumoured iPad Pro Specifications Look Interesting

Apple Insider claims to have details on the much rumoured iPad Pro, which if accurate would make it an attractive option for anyone who would like more functionality but wants to keep the capability of iOS on their tablet of choice.

Bringing together updates that have been heard in several earlier rumours, Apple Insider says that the Pro will feature a Bluetooth stylus, NFC, Force Touch and a USB-C port. The screen will be 12.9"in size.

If these specs turn out to be true the iPad Pro will be a very different device to the rest of the iPad family. It will reflect an Apple vision of Microsoft's Surface, which is seeing sales growth even as the iPad sales fall away. The USB port will bring new levels of device access and NFC could be more functional than on the iPhone, given how unlikely the Pro would be for making payments.

I'd want a much better understanding of how the stylus is going to work before I'm ready to welcome the iPad Pro with open arms though. My recent negative experience with the Adonit Jot Touch suggested that it's no match for a good EMR stylus. Microsoft's purchase of Ntrig's technology suggests the iPad Pro won't be sharing the Surface's solution.

Can't say I'm not excited by the prospect of an iPad with these features.



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