New iPhone Dock Uncharacteristically Shoddy

Docks used to be the norm, plonking your phone on the desk and plugging it in? Too much effort when you can drop it into a dock and have it at a usable angle as well as fully connected. Apple has always offered a dock as an accessory for its iPhones, except for the iPhone 6 and 6+, which have had to do without since launch.

Apple have filled this gap with a new dock which promises to be the last iPhone dock you ever buy. However once you see it you'll probably decide that it's actually the last iPhone dock you should consider buying, because its design is flawed.

Unlike previous docks where the connector sat in a channel which helped to support the device and made for a good solid platform for tapping and dragging, the new Lightning dock's connector is raised above a flat surface, and when you place your iPhone on it the only thing holding it upright is the Lightning connector itself.

I dread to think of the forces being applied to the connector, especially if you happen to be tapping the top of the iPhone's screen. I'm sure that all of that force applied across the small surface area of the Lightning connector is going to result in a catastrophic failure of the dock or, worse, the Lightning connector on your phone. And the lack of a stable platform means that your iPhone is going to be awfully wobbly if you try and use it whilst it in the dock.

It is such a poorly thought out design I find it hard to believe that Apple is responsible for this product. There are plenty of better docks out there, I suggest that you seek one of those out.


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