More Pebble Apps Facing App Store Disruption

Apple has categorically denied it has any issue with apps for the Pebble smartwatch being made available in the App Store, yet continued reports of developers having problems suggest Apple's policy and intentions might not be aligned.

When the first reports of Pebble compatible apps being turfed out of the App Store appeared, just before the Apple Watch went on sale, many people concluded this was a deliberate attempt by Apple to damage its biggest competitor. Apple wheeled out a spokeperson to deny this was the case and the apps started to roll back into the store.

The problems haven't gone away though, with ReadWrite reporting on the problems experienced by the developers of the Swim app for Pebble. Reading between the lines it appears Apple has doubled down on restrictions which prevent details of competitive products appearing in the app description. If you're launching an app for the Pebble, best not mention it anywhere in the description when submitting it to the Store.

Is this a form of paranoia at Apple, or just an underhanded way of damaging Pebble's business? After all if the company and third-parties who support the Pebble can't get their apps into the app store - or face additional hurdles to do so, it hurts customer's perception of them. Making them less likely to buy a Pebble.

The Apple Watch is good enough to not need this sort of business practice to succeed, so you have to wonder whether Apple's terms and conditions need third party scrutiny.

Then there is the question of how this will play out if Google seeks to deliver support for Android Wear on the iPhone. Some form of bloodbath in the offing there if you ask me.


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