Microsoft, Do A Better Job Of Advertising Windows Phone

Building more market share by selling more and more cheaper smartphones is a strategy that can only work for Microsoft for so long. At some stage Windows Phone is going to have to start making money for the company and to do that Microsoft will need to start producing higher end and flagship phones that generate a buzz for themselves.

So how does the average customer view Microsoft's phones? Right now, in many markets I'd suggest that few even know they exist. Many of they sales that Microsoft are making still rely on the strength of the Nokia brand. Phones carrying that branding are disappearing though and making Microsoft a brand of phone which customers are interested in is going to take marketing spend and, more importantly, intelligence.

The company doesn't have a great track record with advertising its products - whether its the woeful Scroogled campaign, or the dancing Surface commercials, Microsoft just hasn't been able to judge the mood correctly.

This commercial comes from Microsoft's subsidiary in Spain and demonstrates that some regional operations are doing a better job. However even this commercial isn't great. Aside from the catchy soundtrack what does it tell you? The qualities of the Lumia 1520 it advertises don't get pushed at the potential buyer and the only takeaway is that you can pointlessly zoom in on text. Even the message that the presentation is streaming from the phone isn't completely clear at the end.

Compare this to Apple's ads, which demonstrate a clear use case, highlight exactly the features that Apple think will sell the phone and, usually, show some clever use of software on the device. The difference is night and day.

In  fact I would suggest that this commercial went further in boosting Future Islands profile than it did the Lumia 1520's.

It's about more than building great products, it's about creating a desire for them too. Microsoft haven't solved that yet.


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