Great iPad Ad Seeks To Revive Sales, Not Entirely Accurate

This advert for the iPad is another example of what a good job Apple does of selling its products by focusing on how they impact your life, rather than on features or pointless dance routines.

The iPad really changes everything, but I doubt very much whether most of the use cases outlined in this video, or indeed other iPad ads, are relevant to many users.

If Apple were targeting the major use cases for the iPad this ad would have centred on three things. A device to give to your kids in a restaurant to shut them up whilst you try to enjoy your meal (last time I was in the UK it was impossible to visit a restaurant without coming across this particular use case). A second screen used for aimlessly searching the web whilst half-watching something on TV and finally, a ridiculously inappropriate camera for those moments when your phone just isn't intrusive enough.

Given how powerful the iPad is, how much care has been lavished on making it as thin and light as possible; and what beautifully crafted applications are available for it, its no wonder the advertising and real world use are out of sync.

Ultimately, those tasks just don't require a device like the iPad, clearly a cheaper Android tablet will do just as well. Which probably explains why the iPad's sales are dropping four to five times as fast as the tablet market as a whole.


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