Google+ Pivots Into A Pinterest / Blogging Frankenmonster

Google+ has billions of registered users, but hardly any of them use it. That's not to say that the community is a barren wasteland, far from it, with a vibrant community that posts on plenty of specialist topics. The big numbers of users (well, non-users to be perfectly accurate) are those who have been forced to create a profile by Google's policies for accessing some of its content, like YouTube.

Now Google appears to be looking for new ways to boost usage of G+, as the photos element has done in the past. This time around Google is offering Collections - or a sort of cross between Pinterest and blogging.

Some users have used the new tool to group together posts about topics, whilst others are building something closer to Pinterest's boards. Collections seems to work both ways. Although to be honest a single topic board curated by a single person may not prove to be the most interesting thing in the world for anybody else to read.

Good to see that Google hasn't begun planning to pull the plug on G+, as it has previously done to its earlier social networks. Collections promises to be a step forward for G+ especially if Google can pique the interest of the 'celebrity' curators out there.

Worth a try if you want to catalogue things you like / do / want / watch. Android and web only for now, iOS to follow shortly. As ever with Google, Windows and Windows Phone users can go whistle...


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