F1: McLaren Colour Change Hints At New Sponsor

For a team with a such a storied history, McLaren seem to be enduring a difficult time. Woeful performance in the opening four races of the season, a unpleasant accident in pre-season testing and no title sponsor all point to a team which doesn't have its 'A' game on. The impact of its move into production cars? Maybe.

Earlier today the team's Twitter account lifted the lid on a change of livery, ditching the silver/grey that has been the predominant colour of the team's cars since 1997.

The new scheme is a bit ho-hum though. A dark, graphite grey which looks awfully black in the photos the team have released. I can't believe they picked such a nondescript livery for stealth reasons, as the official Twitter account seems to suggest. Much more likely there is a sponsorship deal - possibly the title sponsor the team lacks - in the offing.