Cityman and Talkman: Are These The New Microsoft Flagships?

It's been so long since Microsoft-Nokia launched a flagship phone you begin to wonder whether the company has given up with competing against Apple and Samsung completely. The Lumia 930 / Icon is a pretty good phone and still holds its own against the iPhone and Galaxy S6. But holding its own is never going to be good enough. The Lumia 1020 created a buzz around Windows Phone, the camera was a talking point and every site rushed to review it, whether they were technology or camera focused, everyone wanted to find out whether it was as good as Nokia promised.

The answer was a qualified yes.

As a flagship the 1020 succeeded by raising the profile of the Windows Phone range. The 930 never really achieved that. So when Microsoft does release a new flagship model it needs to grab the eye.

First hints of how Microsoft would do that came last week at Build. Desktop Continuum, support for external devices and more power were promised. Now Unleash The Phones has uncovered details of the hardware that might match this vision.

Two prototype devices have been unmasked, with what sounds like some pretty tasty specs. The larger Cityman has a more powerful processor and bigger 5.7" screen, the smaller Talkman is still pretty powerful, but makes do with a 5.2" screen. Both at QuadHD resolution.

The specs alone sound promising, tied with the advanced flexibility of Windows 10 and the promise of both Universal apps and Android / iOS crossovers, it may just be that Microsoft has navigated its way to the edge of the jungle and is about to make its first steps out.


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