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Are Non-Microsoft Windows Phone Sales Booming?

One of the take-outs from Kantar's sales numbers yesterday was that Windows Phone sales improved market share to the tune of about 1% compared to the same quarter one year ago. At the same time the overall market for smartphones grew by 15.5% to 345 million phones.

That means that around 3.5m extra Windows Phone devices were sold when compared to Q1 2014. Microsoft said its sales improved by 16% - or about 1.3m handsets. Which means that for the first time since Nokia switched from Symbian to Windows Phone 7 other OEMs are starting to drive growth on the platform. To the tune of two million additional sales last quarter.

Best known of the non-Microsoft handsets in the HTC One M8, but bigger sellers are likely to be the handsets from BLU and YEZZ. Italy's NGM produces a Harley-Davidson phone, which is probably the quirkiest of the Windows Phone offerings available now.