Apple Leaning On Labels, Wants To Kill Spotify Free

Interesting story on The Verge, which if true suggests that Apple's business practices are as underhand now as they ever have been.

It appears that in the run up to launching its Beats / iTunes streaming service Apple has been leveraging its power over the music industry to force an end to Spotify's free streaming option, as well as killing YouTube's ad-supported music service.

Whilst that might appeal to some in the industry (take a bow Taylor Swift) others might point to Spotity's success at converting free users into subscribers as a reason to keep the option open.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the free services, Apple's manoeuvring appears to have caught the eye of both the US Justice Department and the European Union.

With black marks from both the no-hire and ebook price fixing investigations to its name another piece of shady behaviour would be very disappointing, just when it seemed that Tim Cook was making Apple into a more ethically run business.



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