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Android Wear Smartwatches Looking Better Every Day

Whilst Apple has been soaking up the headlines with the Apple Watch, there have been some impressive Android Wear smartwatches announced, not to mention the latest Wear update itself, which suggests, even if Apple is front and centre of the consumer's mind at the moment, Android users may actually end up in a better place.

The Huawei smartwatch shown in the cringe-worthy ad above is a really nice piece of technology to look at. If it's as nice in the hand (on the wrist?) then it moves Android Wear on a pace. The choice of hardware and the different directions OEMs are taking closely mirrors those which preceded the rapid growth phase of Android phones and then tablets in previous years.

The interesting difference between Apple Watch and Android Wear seems to be in their different ambitions. The Watch may well be the priciest iPhone accessory that Apple sells, but it also sets out to be much more than an accessory, getting you to do more and more on the Watch itself. Android Wear on the other hand much more closely follows the use case for a watch - glance and go for information and limited interactions.

As Google tweaks and refines its Wear's capabilities and the combined weight of OEM competition pushes the hardware forward, I wouldn't be surprised to find the best smartwatch experience is actually found on Android Wear.