Analyst Slams Windows Phone, Demonstrates Bias

I've touched on Kantar's sales numbers a couple of times this week and I'm going to go back to them again to show how companies can spin data to give an inaccurate picture of reality.

The headline from the Kantar report reads "Android Switchers Drive iOS Growth in Europe's Big Five Countries" and the copy details, in very positive language, the successful quarter that Apple enjoyed within the territory. Rightfully so, the new iPhone 6 and 6+ boosted Apple to a 20% market share and apparently stole some customers from Android.

So how about Windows Phone?

Kantar reports "it is notable that Windows' market share has grown little during the past year in the U.S. and the EU big five". Pretty damning wouldn't you say? No wonder  Microsoft is rumoured to be packing its bags and heading out of phone hardware.

But hang on a minute, and let's take a look at Kantar's own figures. 

In the EU5 Microsoft enjoyed exactly the same market percentage growth as Apple: 1.8%. This being an absolute number (rather than a relative one) it means Microsoft had exactly as many extra sales as Apple year on year. As Microsoft started from a lower figure, if we look at it relatively Microsoft's market share grew by 22% year on year, compared to Apple's at 9.7%. 

Actually, Microsoft had a great quarter in the EU5, as good as, if not better than Apple's.

So how about the US then? Well Microsoft didn't do so well there, dropping 0.1% market share. Hang on though, Apple's market share dropped by 0.2% - twice as much.

Whilst other factors (average selling price, profit margin, etc) are more important when considering overall performance, for a report that was all about sales it's hard to understand such bias in the commentary. 


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