A Smartphone For £30!

Thirty quid. It won't buy you a tank of petrol, nor would it cover the cost of a half decent night out. It will get you a half decent smartphone on pay as you go though.

O2 is currently offering the Lumia 435 for exactly that amount, and whilst nobody would claim it's anything other than a budget device at this price I'm sure it has no comparable peers.

Yes the screen is far from the best, or biggest but it is usable and all Windows Phone software will run on its dual-core processor. It copes with gaming pretty well too, as the video above demonstrates. It's packing 1GB of RAM, which means that it should have no problems running Windows 10 Mobile when it arrives.

At £30 the low-spec cameras (2.Omp at the back, VGA at the front) are hard to complain about, similarly the absence of 4G connectivity. A micro SD card slot is included to expand the generous (at this price point anyway) 8GB of on-board storage.

This is definitely a phone for a niche in the market. A first phone for youngsters or an easy to use phone for the older buyer.

It has been built to fit that niche perfectly. And now it is priced to do so too.


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