What Would A Google-owned Tesla Look Like?

So it appears that Tesla came close to being a Google owned company, with Elon Musk approaching Larry Page when manufacturing and technology problems stalled the company's cash flow and left it two weeks from bankruptcy.

The sticking point was related to Musk's demands, which valued the company far higher than Google believed it was worth. A belief we can now feel confident is incorrect.

Would Tesla have been as successful under Google's stewardship as it has been under Elon Musk's? I'm not so sure. Given the way that Google has approached the self-driving car we would probably be talking about a bright future for Google's Tesla, whereas Tesla has carved out a pretty good niche for itself without the input from the Google empire.

One thing I'm sure of though, if Page had bought Tesla Apple's plans for an electric car would be much further down the road than they currently are., wherever that may be.


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